Sound Healing

Explore the vibratory field with healers Matthew and Julieth who will guide you on a journey to experience sound as subtle and gross vibrations of the mind, body, and spirit. Offerings include a variety of instrumentation including gong, didgeridoo, shamanic drum, Grandmother crystal bowl, and more.

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Only by tuning in to the subtle energies within we can connect deeply to self, each other, and the universal energy that we are all apart of.  Combining practices of deep relaxation, drumming, singing, and guided meditation our journeying honors  the universal path to greater connection, alignment, and resonance with self and spirit.

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Kundalini Yoga

Build on your personal practice with the aid of the "Yoga of Consciousness" and explore powerfully your creative potential.  Pairing breath and movement, mantra and meditation, Kundalini yoga delivers potent healing tools for any seeker in this new paradigm of awakening and unity consciousness.

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We are all co-creators in this age of awakening who require the support of each other and our communities for optimal strength and healing. How do we tap into the ever present source of life and vitality? We receive! Relax and let go. Join us, we are your guides on this journey.

Special Events and Offerings

Sacred Sound Medicine: Sound Bath, Yoga, & Meditation

Saturday June 20th 1:30pm-3pm
Delve deep into your awareness and create new possibilities for this time of great motion. June 20th Summer Solstice 2020 1:30-3pm we will gather to plant the seeds of intention and watch them grow as the moon’s light waxes deep into the Heart of the Summer months. This is a very auspicious Solstice with a Solar Eclipse which makes for an even more powerful portal for celestial connections.

We are peaceful warriors of the New Age: smart, strong, compassionate and also wise as a sage. We will share time honored Yogic methods for the curious, willing, receptive warrior within to build energetic strength and resilience.
Our intention is to allow social change from the inside out. While we protest and rise up, it is important to also direct energy towards your personal practice of awakening and thereby more fully embodying the experience of peace within the individual heart to nourish the communal heart.

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