Join sound healers Julieth and Matthew for a very special offering of sound and relaxation.Sound bath and sound healing includes and some light yoga and meditation in the Kundalini tradition. Offering to include 38" Sun and 24" symphonic gong, didgeridoo, crystal and healing bowls, shamanic drum's, guitar and more. Vibrate the senses and ground yourself while elevating the Spirit with this unique combination of practices connecting you to your inner flow and power through breathe, movement, and sound. Relax, receive, and go deeper on your healing journey!

What to bring:  Please bring yoga mat, blanket, pillow, eye pillow, water bottle, and anything you would like to utilize to be the most comfortable possible during the layout.

Our sound bath offerings will engage the vibratory field of the body and mind to release energy flows and realign the core of your being.  Benefits include increased body awareness, relaxation, and mood improvement.  Recognized as a viable healing modality by western science and the medical community people are looking towards sound therapy as a healthy option for self healing and self rejuvenation.

Every molecule, DNA, cell, organ, and gland in the human body emits and absorbs sound. This is why we feel it is so important to "tune" our minds and bodies to a clear, harmonious, and relaxed state so we can feel better, be more productive, and resonate more with natures healing frequencies.

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”

Nikola Tesla


Our instruments :

Yucca Didgeridoo - Deep in bass and resonate in quality its unique character offers profound depth in sound and vibration around and up close to the body.  This tool can be used to call the elements, directions, and ancestral lineages for protection in the beginning of the offering.  It is also used to awaken and bring one into greater body awareness as well as focus and move stagnant energies in and around from specific areas in the body.  Didgeridoo's are said to be the worlds oldest instrument possibly as old as 40,000 years and have been used in many ceremonial applications.  Our intention as sound healers is to create clear space in the body field and to allow for that spaciousness to be filled with renewed clarity, health, and vitality.

38" Sun Gong - Powerfully attuned to the Sun in our Solar System which emanates sound at 126.22 Hz this instrument is a doorway to a another dimension that allow's the body/mind to clear, relax, and dissolve into the deepest state of rest and meditation possible while also awakening and vibrating every cell in the body.  The vibration of the gong represents the universal word of creation. It is that creative force that manifests throughout the universe in all space and time.  It is in this space of deep relaxation where we are able to access and receive more profound healing from all the other accompanied instruments that we use throughout the sound bath.

24" Symphonic Gong - Used to clear and vibrate individual energy fields and communicate and balance with the Sun Gong.

Shamanic Drums - We use our drums to open the sound offering and move deeper into the heart.  Our handcrafted deer-hide drums represent the sacred, gentle, and sensitive wisdom of the spirit of the majestic deer while bringing its qualities of harmony and peace.  Inspired through our connection to tribal and indigenous lineage these drums root us deeply to a more simple and Earthly consciousness.  These drums have their own sacred rhythm and can be used to journey beyond the mind to a place of love and connection in the heart.  Your intuition will become reawakened once you connect to the beat of these awe inspiring instruments.

Tibetan Healing Bowls - Used to open the individual energy field and to tune the field to a harmonious vibration.  These refined and crafted metal bowls can be used on and around the body.  When used on a specific area the vibration allows the release pain and discomforts and bring the body into a state of ease.

Crystal Grandmother Practitioner Bowl -  This unique and rare tool is made from a combination of crystal quartz, gold, and iron.  Delivering a sonic vibration not unlike angelic singing this bowl extracts all negative energy in the field moving the bodies cell core and creating a positive change for healing.  The sound that emanates is the universal vibration of the divine universal sound.  It brings the height in power that we all have within us.

Tibetan Tingsha Bells - Sometimes our mind creeps in with unnecessary thoughts.  These bells bring the mind into deep connection where there are no thoughts and back into the space of relaxation and healing.

Hapi Steel Drum - Soothing and gentle like the waves of the ocean this instrument can accompany a portion of the sound bath or guided meditation.

Acoustic Guitar - Added to the mix we offer a serenading of the heart and soul as a thank you and celebration of our offering.  The folklike melodies and rhythms are often accompanied with song, mantra, and during meditations.

Tuning Forks - Used on and around the body to engage energy wheels, chakras, and meridians helping harmonize the bio-field and remove pain.

With a humble heart, loving intention, and practical knowhow we set the stage for diverse offering of instrumentation and resonance therepy for any seeker.  Accompanied with light yoga, pranayama, and meditation join us for an delightful journey!