Sound healing sessions

Join Matthew and Julieth for a fun and refreshing sound bath experience designed to remove energy blockages in a harmonious way and realign the bodies natural flow accompanied with light yoga, pranayama, and meditation.

Relax, receive, and move deeper into your healing journey.


Chakra Alignment

Available at participating studios and offered in group and/or private sessions as an extension to our sound healing we focus on connecting deeper to participating individual's energy blockages that may be present.  Please contact us to schedule in home or at the studio.


Kundalini Yoga

Build on your practice with the "Yoga of Consciousness".  Explore and deepen your creative potential.  Kundalini yoga delivers potent healing tools for any seeker in this new paradigm of awakening and unity consciousness pairing breath and movement, mantra and meditation, with mindfulness.


Flower Water

The people from the Amazonian Jungle collect beautiful fresh flowers to create this refreshing mist. It is intended to bring life, clarity, and relaxation to the self during meditations.  It is used in meditation practices allowing the light and life from the flowers to shower the human body.

Refreshen focus

Boutique blue travel size bottles available for sale at events and participating yoga outlets.  Stop in and smell the flowers, re-energize, and renew.



To request an appointment or book and event please email or call us to inquire on availability.