Ancestral Medicine is a wisdom of our forefathers and foremothers in relation to the natural world.  It is the wisdom of the natural world.  We are of the world yet we are not in the world.  We are too busy working, texting, checking our latest social media post or worse medicated, agitated, and sedated.  We have lost track of our own personal connection to the real natural world that we were born of.  In order to break away from the habits of distraction and dissatisfaction we must reconnect with nature in isolation and reform a bond with the nature and plant spirits.  This requires a desire to become whole in our awareness, to be strong in our commitment, and patient in our ongoing development.  It also requires knowledge and guidance since we as a culture have shifted so far out of alignment.  Certain restrictions must be followed in order to prepare the body, mind, and spirit of the individual to access the knowledge of the plant and nature spirits.  This guidance must be respected as it has been passed down from our teachers who follow in a long line of healers and shamans in the richest of traditions in the heart of the South American Rain forest.

In our retreats you will first learn to clean the body, mind, spirit in order to be able to receive.  You will also learn how to prepare the plants to use in baths, perfumes, healing and learning dietas.  You will learn how to protect yourself from the curses of mankind those self inflicted and from society.  We learn through our dreams and through deep listening.  We will also come together in community to support each other on our own respective unique path.